Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Do you need/want more sleep?

How consistently are you sleeping 7-9 hours per night? Please remember the word here is “consistently.”  Begin a journal on how you could start to improve your sleep. A good nights sleep begins with having a healthy, active day.

Do you activate your physical body with stretching or a workout every morning? In addition, do you begin your day strategically planning or in reaction-mode responding to your emails, messages and demands of others? How much of your first 60-minutes is really spent thinking and finding your center and purpose? Write how you could improve.

“Block Time” is a focus-management approach that requires “blocking out” significant amounts of time to advance or complete a major project in your life. It requires you to get clear on a major dream and schedule real time to leap towards it. Do you tend to schedule uninterrupted blocks of time to work each day, or are you in reaction mode all day? Journal here on how you could improve:

Do you take at least one standing break per hour when working or during times, you are sitting? Do you move and stretch during that time? How could you take more breaks during each hour and what will you do to remind yourself to do it?

Do you meditate or take a walk each single day on a consistent basis? What practice could you begin to reset your mind toward peace and freedom each day and how will you remind yourself to practice every day?
Increasing our focus, energy, and effectiveness by 30% every single week is easy, make a plan, and follow it by improving your answers to the above. Start by listing your priorities ever day

The main things I must complete today, no matter what.

List the priorities and to-dos that must be accomplished today and DO these before getting trapped in your inbox and other people’s agendas. 

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