Sunday, September 27, 2015

Healthy Retirement

I had worked with him when he started teaching and had steered him in the direction that took him into a leadership role in his subject field. He was now thinking of retiring, he found that he did not enjoy the feel of the school he was in at this time. He also had just reached the age at which he could retire without penalty.

He was still unsure of what he should do, and we talked for a while and I suggested that he talk to the HR professionals about his best options. He wanted to continue to teach  but in the field of Men's Health. As he put it if men took care of themselves as well as women, the death toll of men over 50 would be greatly reduced. He is right, for the most part men do not take care of their health. I am one of the guilty ones. My last annual physical exam was over five years ago. 

There is not a lot of energy or desire, it seems to me, to promote preventative measures by the Health Authorities  in my jurisdiction. Health is one of the most important assets we have as we move into retirement, we need to plan just as carefully for our health needs as we do for our financial needs.

There is a group in BC The Council for Senior Citizens Organizations that created a charitable arm called the Seniors' Health and Wellness Institute that gives workshops on Healthy Aging and Prevention. This group has given free workshops in BC, Alberta, and Newfoundland. I finished a week of training with them and will have more to say in a later blog. But to get you started to focus on having a healthy retirement here are some websites to help:

AARP Healthy Living

5 Workout Tips for Baby Boomers

Baby Boomer Health

Boomers must act now to reduce risk of heart disease and stroke and “Make Health Last” (Report)

Canada’s Aging Baby Boomers  Planning Health Insurance for the Future

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