Wednesday, September 9, 2015

What happened in 1965?

we as Boomers were starting to graduate from High school in high numbers. My graduating class was over 388 and we set off to conquer the world. 

I became a Charter Student at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby and graduated four years later. The University is hosting its 50th year celebration today, and I am looking forward to renewing some old friendships and catching up. 

When I was at the University I was a member of the first Student Newspaper and the first Student Government. In the music world  a lot was going on as well.

To remember 1965 As time goes by, music editor has put together a great column on the music of the year. If you are an early Boomer, like me, you will love this post. His post is here:

He starts off the post with this information.
Dennis Lehane was born

Jefferson Airplane made their d├ębut (In the Spring of 1966, in my role as Cultural Director at SFU, I booked this group to play at the University, but the concert was not as big a hit as I thought it would be, probably because this group were not as well known as they were later in the year.)

Days of our Lives made its first appearance

The first concert was staged at the Fillmore Auditorium in San Francisco

How to Murder Your Wife was released

Ronni Bennett got married

Essendon were premiers

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