Saturday, October 31, 2015

Acquired Brain Injury Day 8

So everyone at the house had been excited about going out for Halloween, and I knew there would be many pictures to take to Colleen. I was also sure that we were out of the woods. Yesterday had been a good day, Colleen was in good spirits and she was responding to direction well and by the end of teh day, she knew me and and realized she was in Australia and in the hospital. 

I thought her short term memory and her long term memory was starting to come back, very slowly, so I could see signs of progress. I thought as I entered the hospital the medications Colleen was on to control the vibrations of her arteries in her Brain were working and we had made it through the seventh day and the danger would not be as great as we moved forward. I was happy and starting to relax and I was thinking we might be able to fly home in a couple of weeks if everything continued to go well. 

It didn't.

I arrived about 10:00 and Colleen was sleeping, she woke up and  we talked about the Halloween antics of the kids so I showed her some pictures of the prep and the kids in costume and told her that she would see more pictures tomorrow. About an hour later, her speech became slurred and she started to become unresponsive. The nurse was there immediately, and she worked with Colleen and called the team over, within minutes of her noticing the slurred speech.  The nurses thought Colleen might be having a vibration attack, so they increased her fluid intake and changed the medication. None of this had any affect. 

The Dr. were called in as Colleen was not responding as she should have been responding. The team of people that were working with my wife on her recovery, decided that she needed to go for some more tests to determine what was going on as she was not responding to the medication or the treatment as they thought she should. I was told to go to the waiting room and check back in about an hour. So I left. 

After an hour when I checked with the reception, I was told that I should go home and they would phone me as soon as they knew anything. I left.  I was very upset, but knew that I had to put my faith in the medical team and so the trip home was not much fun.

When I arrived back in Rye, I let the others know that there had been a set back and it was not a happy evening. About 10:30, I received a phone call from the nurse, telling me that the tube that had been draining the fluid from Colleen's head had become plugged and they had to operate to remove the old tube and put in a new draining tube and they needed my consent. I gave consent and the operation happened about 11:00 that night.

I had very little sleep, as I was not sure what to expect, but tomorrow would come soon enough.

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