Saturday, October 10, 2015

Stephen Harper, Serial Abuser of Power: THE EVIDENCE COMPILED

Stephen Harper is using race politics to win his next election. This tactic is working and is part of the shame I feel for my country that there are not enough people who are willing to stand up for the victims of his attacks. 

Back in the 70's when the Liberal government of the day imposed the War Measure's Act, which put Canada under Marshall law and suspended all rights and freedoms, I spoke against this measure. Many Canadians went to jail for their opposition to the federal government and many in BC were put under closer scrutiny by the RCMP, because they opposed the provincial government at the time. The War Measures Act was not needed (as history has shown) but at the time, it played to the fears of Canadians against French Canadians. 

This time Harper has tapped into a streak of hate and he is using Muslims as the target, which will drive a large enough block of Canadians who will react to fear, and vote for a saviour. As a result I predict harper will win the next election because of his use of this tactic.

But to remind everyone of what harper has done the Tyee has complied a great list of his abuse of power. The question is what will he do once he is re-elected.

Stephen Harper, Serial Abuser of Power: THE EVIDENCE COMPILED
By David Beers and Tyee Staff and Contributors

Stephen Harper and his Conservatives have racked up dozens of serious abuses of power since forming government in 2006. From scams to smears, monkey-wrenching opponents to intimidating public servants like an Orwellian gorilla, some offences are criminal, others just offend human decency.

We originally published 59 examples, and asked our readers to suggest any we may have missed. Among the many suggestions we gratefully received, we concluded that 11 more met the criteria for “abuses of power.” This ebook is a compilation of all 70 items into one omnibus of abuse by the Stephen Harper government. Thanks, again, to friends of The Tyee who help with this list.


Stephen Harper’s Conservatives have made federal elections a gladiators’ arena where anything goes -- unless and until you are caught, that is. Here are 17 times his team violated election laws or ethics.

Conservatives Run Undercover Sting Operations
Conservatives secretly recorded political opponents and also used agent provocateur techniques to try and entrap them. A sting operation against Marlo Raynolds, a Liberal candidate in Alberta, was backed by then employment minister Jason Kenney.

Conservative Convicted on Robocalls Scam
Tory operative Michael Sona was given jail time for his role in the robocalls scam. The judge indicated more than one person was likely involved. In another court judgment in a case brought by the Council of Canadians, the ruling said the robocalls operation was widespread, not just limited to the Guelph riding. Donald Segretti who did dirty tricks for the Nixon White House told a Canadian reporter his skullduggery didn’t go so low as to run schemes
sending voters to the wrong polling stations.

Harper’s Ex-Parliamentary Secretary Jailed for Breaking Election
Dean Del Maestro was one of Harper’s favourites. As his parliamentary
secretary,  the PM frequently used him as an attack dog to allege misdeeds by opposition members. Del Maestro was given a jail sentence in June for his own election spending violations.

Conservatives Bar Crosbie Candidacy
In a clear-cut case of the party hierarchy’s undercutting of democratic rights, Ches Crosbie, son of former Tory cabinet minister John Crosbie, was barred from running for the party in Newfoundland. 

Election Violations Prompt Resignation of Cabinet Member
Peter Penashue, another Harper Conservative was compelled to step down over election spending violations. 

Conservatives Attempt Election Campaign Frame-up
In an attempted smear in the last week of the 2011 election campaign, a senior Harper strategist planted a false story in Sun Media that Michael Ignatieff was an Iraq war planner. (Neither Conservative operatives nor Sun Media opted to make hay with the true story that Stephen Harper had, while leader of the Canadian Alliance in 2003, published a letter in The Wall Street Journal itching to get Canada into that disastrous war and slamming then PM Jean Chretien for saying no.)

Harper’s Office Deploys Interns for Dirty Tricks
In one instance that brought on allegations of Nixonian tactics, junior PMO staffers in the guise of normal citizens were sent out to disrupt a Justin Trudeau speech.

Citizens Ejected from Conservative Rallies
Tory operatives hauled out citizens from a Harper rally in the 2011 campaign because they had marginal ties to other parties. A spokesperson for the PM was compelled to apologize. Problem fixed this time around: Only fully vetted Harper supporters will be allowed, by invite only, to attend the PM’s campaign stops. If they have a ticket.

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