Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Acquired Brain Injury Day 19

Another setback today. Colleen had more mini-seizures in the morning that made her a bit more confused, but the mini-seizures passed by about 9:30 and she was soon back to herself before the mini-seizures.  I am starting to think that we are moving backwards instead of forward, and I am hoping that these setbacks do not continue.

The Occupational Therapist came to work with Colleen about 11:00 and after the workout, I was given permission to take her off the ward in a wheelchair. We went out after lunch. We had been for a couple of walks along the corridors but I felt it might be better to get Colleen off the ward.

We were given permission to leave the ward, so we went down to the courtyard outside of the Cafeteria, it was a wonderful Spring day about 25 degrees Celsius ( about 80 Fahrenheit) and I got Colleen and I a coffee and we talked about her mom, her sister-in-law and life and had an enjoyable afternoon. 

We had been given permission to be off the ward for an hour, but we stayed off for about 2 hours, just because it was so nice out and I felt that being out was good for Colleen's spirits. Her short term memory is still not there so all conversations and events were new. 

I know that over time repeating the same information over and over again may become frustrating for me but at this point, I am just happy to have some conversations that are about normal life, in which Colleen is an active participant and engaged. 

Progress is slow, but according to the medical team as expected. I am feeling more confident and my mood is starting to improve.  I am hopeful that tomorrow will be a day without a setback; we are due for a good day. 

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