Sunday, November 15, 2015

Acquired Brain Injury Day 23

Frustration and anger were the theme of the day. As Colleen is getting better, I was starting to correct some of the ideas that she had about her situation. For example, today she asked about when her Dad would come to visit her, unfortunately her Dad died over 30 years ago. 

I had when she had been at the Alfred, and asked about her Granny deflected and not answered. (Her granny died 20 years ago) but this time I told her that her Dad had died 30 years ago. She was upset and angry at me for telling her this fact. 

The nurses and the Dr. were evidently correcting her about her situation. She thought her Aneurysm had not bled and that she had only been in the hospital for a few days. She told me that she was "sick of people telling me that I am wrong". I see this as progress, it means her short term memory is returning. It is still not very good but it is coming back in small steps.

So today was frustrating and tiring, but at least there is still forward progress. Colleen may not believe this but I am hopeful. I will need to see the Dr. and see how to handle correcting Colleen gently so she does not get as upset about her situation.  

Because she had been transferred on the weekend, her support team was not working so her time in the last two days had been unstructured. This was frustrating for her as she was restricted to her room and no radio, tv or any other outside stimulation was allowed in the ward she had been assigned to when she was transferred. As I understood it, her rehabilitation team was meeting today to map out a strategy and a series of steps to help Colleen with her recovery. 

Once the parts of the strategy were in place and approved by the medical staff, then more of the team would introduce themselves to us. This information was given by the patient coordinator who was our liaison with the hospital and Colleen's medical and rehabilitation team. During my time there today, we met a couple of the team. Tomorrow would be the day the consultations would start in earnest.

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