Monday, November 23, 2015

Acquired Brain injury Day 31

One step forward, two steps back. The frustration of being kept "locked up" is reaching a boiling point with Colleen, She is frustrated and it was not a pleasant day. 

The day was filled with appointments, so we could not go out for a walk, as well it was cool and there were frequent showers, so going for a walk outside of the hospital was not going to happen as I did not want to risk another infection. 

Colleen's memory and her sense of time is returning very quickly, but that is adding to the frustration. She seems to think that this aneurysm is the same as the two she had in 2005. 

In 2005 the aneurysms were found and clipped before they burst, while this one was found and coiled after it burst. Because she cannot yet remember her time at the Alfred and can only remember about a week at the Caulfield she thinks she is ready to go home.

So after a day filled with heavy emotion, I left to walk to the Tram station, about 5 minutes into my walk, the skies opened up and within a minute I was totally soaked. I am from Vancouver BC and while it rains a lot, many of us who live in Vancouver, do not see the need to carry an umbrella, I was one of those who do not carry an umbrella. I paid the price for that today. 

The ride back to Rye was not pleasant. Later that night at Rye, Danielle phoned and said they were coming down for the weekend and that she would stay for the week. This is good news as I think it will help Colleen to see Ryder, Adam and Danielle to move her out of her frustration and anger. I know that the anger and frustration are part of the after affects of Acquired Brain Injury and that this hopefully is a phase that she has to get through on the road to recovery. 

Colleen has her birthday coming up in two days, but I think we will have a minor celebration on her birthday and have a big celebration when she is out. It was confirmed today that Colleen will be seeing the head Neurosurgeon on December 2nd and if everything goes well, she will be discharged and we will be clear to fly home. Fingers crossed.

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