Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Are you bored in retirement? Try these ideas

As we wait to go home, I find that my day keeps filling up with lots of things to do and I enjoy spending time and playing with my grandson. I also know that many of my friends are doing so much that they do not have time to be bored but some retirees wonder what to do next. I count myself and my friends among those who are having trouble managing our time because there is something new to do every month. 

I do know that one of the biggest concerns I hear from people approaching retirement is "what will I do with my time".
Some retirees know exactly how they will spend their days when they no longer have to work, while others who decide to play it by ear may find themselves battling boredom but those folks are in a minority in my circles.
Through most of our lives we are defined by what we do, when we are young we are students, when we leave school we are workers and  for all of us  our jobs keep us busy and provide a sense of purpose in our lives. But just because you no longer have an office to go to every day does not mean life cannot be as fulfilling or even more fulfilling than it was when you were still working. 
If you feel that you are succumbing to retirement boredom. Try these ideas:
Work part-time. Though it might seem odd to start working right after you retire, a part-time job can provide the type of structure you have grown accustomed to without all of the responsibility that comes with a full-time career. Part-time jobs can range from consultancy work that makes use of your professional experience to something entirely different like landscape maintenance at a nearby golf course that gets you out of the house and enjoying the warmer seasons. Whichever you choose, make sure it's something you find fun and interesting.
Embrace a new hobby. Working professionals often say they wish they had time to pursue a hobby. Now that you are retired, you have all the time in the world to do just that. Whether it's perfecting your golf game, writing that novel, learning to cook like a gourmet chef or whatever else you might have always wanted to do, retirement is a great time to do it.
Get in shape. If retirement boredom has started to negatively affect your mood, one great way to conquer your boredom and improve your mood at the same time is to start exercising. Exercise is a natural mood enhancer. When the body exercises, it releases chemicals known as endorphins, which trigger positive feelings in the body. In addition, regular exercise has been shown to reduce stress, boost selfesteem and improve sleep. Working out at a gym also is a great way to meet fellow retirees in your community, and the energy you have after exercising may give you the boost you need to pursue other hobbies.
Volunteer. If a part-time job is not up your alley, then consider volunteering in your community. Volunteers are always in demand, and volunteering with a local charity can provide a sense of purpose and provide opportunities to meet likeminded fellow retirees, all while helping to quell your boredom. Retirees who love to travel can combine their passion for volunteering with their love of travel by signing up to work with an international relief organization that travels abroad to help the less fortunate.

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