Saturday, February 20, 2016

Sometimes Just Getting a Caregiver is Not Enough

Today we have a post by Zaeem Sarwar, who is with Mavencare, which is a home health care company, located in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, and Edmonton 

Your home. It’s probably not perfect by any stretch. Often we look at it as too messy or too small or too big or too cluttered or the wrong colour or… you get the picture.  It is a place we are always trying to improve and can always find some little (or big) fault with. Yet despite the amount of time we spend fixing it, it is ours. It is a place of comfort, of refuge, of familiarity, and of memories. It is the place we feel safest and from which we can explore the world around us. Spending one's last years happily at home should be achievable by anyone who wants that, yourself and your elderly family, naturally, included.
Nearly 90% of all seniors want to stay in their own homes as they age, often referred to as “aging in place”. 
This is where caregivers come in. They provide our loved ones the assistance they need while attending to their preferences and fostering independence. Senior care is not just about performing medical duties with any available caregiver from some agency, it is about building a relationship with someone professional who works well with your family. Here’s why just getting a caregiver for your aging loved one isn’t enough.
·        Seniors need to trust who they depend on
·        Different clients need different levels of care
·        The right caregiver can benefit the emotional and mental health of your loved one
A trusting relationship between a client and caregiver cannot be forced. It takes compatible personalities between both people, which means there is no “best” caregiver, only the best caregiver for a given person in need. Finding the right caregiver for your loved one is essential if they are going to work together. To fix this, Mavencare uses an effective matching algorithm that pairs seniors with the ideal senior caregiver for their needs. Considerations go beyond just the skills necessary for the job. They consider factors like personality characteristics, language, cultural background, and even common interests in order to find the best possible match. 
Furthermore, the caregivers are equipped with their HIPPA compliant mobile application that digitalizes each client’s plan of care and collects real-time data on the clinical, social, and psychological well-being of each client. This information is constantly monitored by their clinical team, and when a change in condition is detected, the clinical team intervenes to preserve the health of the senior.
When it comes to in home care, it is crucial to find a caregiver that your loved one will get along and feel comfortable with. The benefits of personalized home care boil down to that simple idea. Why settle for anything less than that?

About Mavencare

Mavencare is a tech-enabled home health care company dedicated to supporting seniors and their families to promote aging in place. 

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