Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Every Plate Full Food Drive

I support the Foodbank in my community, and as we approach summer, we can forget that many of our neighbours need our help. So I urge you to support the Every Plate Food Drive across Canada. For those of you outside Canada, I urge you to consider supporting your local Foodbank, the need exists. 

Thousands of Canadians face hunger every year and food banks across the country are unable to keep up with the demand. Especially in the summer months. This year, we’re facing hunger head on. 

In 2016, from May 1-31, food banks across Canada will come together to participate in the Every Plate Full Food Drive with an inspiring goal: to fill the plates of every hungry Canadian this summer. 

Through the efforts of local food banks with the support of our national campaign, we are bringing Canada together to make a difference

  • 918,724 Canadians will access a food bank this summer.
  • 37% of those Canadians are children.
  • 26,548,725 Meals are needed this summer.

Join your local Foodbank in May 2016!  Food Banks Canada is the national charitable organization representing and supporting the food bank community across all of Canada. Their network of 550 food banks support 85% of people turning to food banks help. Together, they strive to meet the short-term need for food while creating for long-term solutions to hunger. 

Together we are filling plates and changing the stats.

Here is a list of Provincial Foodbank organizations
Saskatchewan Foodbank
Manitoba Foodbank  
Ontario Foodbank
New Brunswick Foodbank
Nova Scotia Foodbank
Prince Edward Island Foodbank

Newfoundland Foodbank

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