Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Ghost of Blood Alley, an up and coming band, worth listening to

When I was growing up and started listening to rock and roll, my tastes ran to Rockabilly. 

My favorite singers were Buddy Holly, Buddy Knox,  Carl Perkins, Johnny Horton
Eddie Cochranas I grew older my tastes ran to Credence Clearwater Revival, and  Linda Ronstadt.

All of these singers had songs that told stories, made you think and forced you to dance. These singers provided us with good time music with a story, a beat and they were fun to listen and watch.  

If you love music that speaks to you, makes you think and makes you want to dance, then I have a group that you need to check out. 

The Ghost of Blood Alley is a local Vancouver band that is exciting to watch, listen and dance to, their songs are original, enthusiastic and great music that takes me back to the time when music was storytelling.  

This groups music draws on the "roots of rock" in a real way; they appear to be drawing inspiration from the likes of Hank Williams, Chuck Berry, The Band and others who were stand bearers of good old rock and roll.

Here is a link to their latest album "Songs for Sarah "on Soundcloud, which will be posted for the next five days only.


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