Saturday, June 25, 2016

Beliefs about Money

If you want to be financially free and you don’t have to worry about money ever again, here are a few things you must do to clear your mind:.

- You have to have a positive mindset about money

- You have to remove limiting beliefs about money

- You have to take action about these beliefs immediately

Here are 8 beliefs people can have about money:

- Money is the root of all evil

Well have you considered that the love of money is actually the root of all evil? Money is neutral. What you do with determines if it is evil or good.

- Money is not important to me

If you think money is not important, you may not have any money because the universe responds to your belief that it really is not important.

- You need money to make money

In this time and age, you can use ingenuity and creativity to make a lot of money. 

- I am not good at managing money

You can also learn to be a good money manager or hire those who can manage well
- There is only this much money to go around
Every day, trillions of dollars are changing hands. If you work smart, you can be rich as well

- I have to work very hard to be rich
No you also have have passion and ;you have to work smart to be rich.

- If I have to be rich I will sacrifice my happiness
Have you considered that money can make you happier? Especially when you are not motivated by greed but by helping others?

- It’s greedy to want too much money

 What you do with the money is important. If you use your money to help others, then having money is good, if you use money to enrich yourself then yes you may be considered greedy by others.

Question: What are your other limiting beliefs about money?

Thought for today:

I am a money magnet! I see opportunities everywhere!

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