Saturday, July 30, 2016

Changes in latitude, changes in attitude

My thanks to Ronni over at “As Time goes buy” for this  idea

Maybe we all think about how we have changed as we age. Jung and others believe that we go through a process of renewal as we face aging.

As we age, our interests, beliefs and convictions change; for the better for many and for the worse for some. Some of us become more optimistic as we examine and test the beliefs we have acquired over our lifetime. 

For some the beliefs and convictions we held are found to be tried and true and we stick with them, for some, the beliefs and convictions of a lifetime are found to be lacking. Lacking in compassion, humanity, empathy or common sense and we come to a crises of self.

My friends and I have different views on religion, and politics but over the years we have learned to accommodate the others views and to learn about how their views shape their world. I never was one to suffer fools gladly. When I was young I was not above putting down those who had differing views to mine. I did not listen to any ideas the person had, if I believed them to be not philosophically or politically aligned with my thinking. 

A few years before I retired, I was fortunate to start working with a cancer survivor, who had a wonderful and different view of the world. Her attitude was infectious and I learned to accept all people even those who I found to be not in line with my thinking. I learned to listen to people and to see the best in them. At first it was a hard to do, I had to adjust my thinking, my beliefs and my convictions and it took a long time. Over an eight-year period I grew and became a better person because of my interaction with her and my ability to learn.

Since I have retired, I have continued to see the best in people and I have taken on the tasks of aging and I feel positive and hopeful about the world. At this point we are in dark times yet we have seen darker times, (Two World Wars, the Plagues of Europe, the pan-epidemic of Aides) yet the world continues to become a better place for all of us.  

Jimmy Buffets song Changes in Attitudes is a great way to 

end this post. Enjoy!

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