Saturday, September 17, 2016

Changing attitludes

"The greatest discovery of this generation is that human beings can alter their life by altering their attitude." William James

I truly believe this, and over the years as I have taught thousands of students I have seen how a change of attitude can alter a person’s approach to a problem. It has happened countless times. 

What most people fail to realize is that your attitude not only impacts your happiness and success of all the people around you... your family, your friends, and your peers at work. 

Attitudes truly are contagious, and time to time we need to ask ourselves... "is mine worth catching?"

Our attitudes are the mental filters through which we choose to view our world. Our attitudes are shaped by the paradigms or rules that we set for ourselves. What is important is to realize that everyday is your day. 

Only you have complete control over how you decide to view what is happening in your day. Make it the way you want it to be. Make your days fun, energising, happy and enjoyable.

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