Friday, September 30, 2016

October 1 is National Seniors Day!

Seniors have and continue to play a critical role in building the country we proudly call home. National Seniors Day is a chance to celebrate our amazing contribution. But it’s also an opportunity to recognize the very real challenges we face when it comes to health care.

In Canada, the proportion of seniors will double over the next 20 years, while the group aged 85 and older is set to quadruple. By 2036, seniors are expected to make up 25 per cent of the population. We need a truly national approach to delivering and paying for the care that aging Canadians deserve and need.

That’s why, on #NationalSeniorsDay, I am asking you to share the DemandaPlan campaign with your family and friends. The more Canadians speaking with one voice on seniors issues, the louder our call. Help improve seniors care in Canada today!

Share The Campaign Today!

Together, we can give Canada’s seniors the care they deserve.

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