Sunday, September 11, 2016

Pension 360 Blog

There is a great deal of interest in Canada in the expansion, or non expansion of the Canada Pension Plan. The Fraser Institute has put out a few press releases that claim that an increase in the contributions to the Canada Pension Plan, would not benefit seniors. The people who would not benefit are those who did not contribute to the plan and those who are collecting the Guaranteed Income Supplement (under current rules, increases in income are subtracted from the Income supplement). 

I found a blog post at Pension 360 that offers a counter argument to the Fraser Institute. The mainstream media has offered up the Fraser Institutes report as "truth" but have not looked at other views. The post 
Another Shot Against Expanding the CPP? was written by by Leo Kolivakis who is  a blogger, trader and independent senior pension and investment analyst. This post was originally published at Pension Pulse.

I would recommend The Pension 360 blog because it  is a comprehensive online resource for data, news, trends and analysis on public pension plans both in the US and Canada.  They focus on State and municipal systems.  They serve those with an interest in public pension funds: executive staff, pensioners, academics, trustees, actuaries, journalists and concerned citizens.  With all the noise, confusion and conflict surrounding pensions, their goal is to provide the facts, consolidate the commentary, and dispel the myths.

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