Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Severe Weather Facts for BC

·       What is the record size of a hailstone?
o  20 cm in diameter
·       How fast does lightning travel?
o  Up to 40,000 km per second
·       What is the hottest temperature on record in BC?
o  44.4⁰ C in Lillooet, Lytton and Chinook Cove in 1941
·       What is the coldest temperature ever recorded in BC?
o  Minus 58.9⁰ C  in Smith River, 1947
·       How much snow was there in 1971-72 in Revelstoke?
o  2446.5 cm (= 81.55 feet) – the Canadian record
·       What was the most amount of rain recorded in 24 hours in BC?
o  49 cm (19 inches) at Ucluelet in 1967
·       What is the major cause of forest fires in BC?
o  Human activity 48%; lightning 52%

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