Monday, November 14, 2016

Did you know?

The following is from the Longevity New Alert  put out by the Maximum Life Foundation

Researchers suggest, from an examination of epidemiological data, that stroke is for most patients a preventable occurrence largely driven by hypertension, inactivity, and obesity. In this, the implication is that better life choices in the environment of present day medical technologies could push stroke to occur at greater ages, such that most older people would die from other consequences of aging first - more a matter of postponement than prevention per se.

Lowering age-related increases in blood pressure is known to lower the risk of all cardiovascular issues, and the effects of inactivity and obesity on life expectancy and risk of age-related disease are well proven.

Hypertension is driven by stiffening of blood vessels, which may be caused by fundamental damages such as cross-linking in blood vessel walls, inflammation due to the presence of senescent cells, and so forth.

The bad life choices mentioned above will speed up stiffening in blood vessels and consequent hypertension, but this end state will still exist, further down the line, even for those people who live the healthiest lives. This will continue to be the case until new therapies are built to repair the root causes - which, should in my opinion,be the highest priority, over and above campaigns aimed at adjusting behavior.

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