Saturday, November 19, 2016

· Thrifty Ways to Save Money

Saving for an emergency need not be a chore when you are making a good effort to put money aside constantly. Be in a mood of saving and watch as that bank account accumulates.

·       Instead of buying a new DVD, save money by trading with family and friends. Once a month do the rounds and before you know it, you will have a new library of good movies to enjoy.

·       Plant a small garden each spring, with just the vegetables that you really like. Even a small effort every day can save you dollars usually spent on fresh vegetables at the produce market.

·       Buy your bread and other bakery items at the local thrift bread store.

·       Check your local library for the newest DVD/video releases and then rent three for $2.00 for two days.
·       Read your local newspapers online.

·       Search eBay for big ticket items and then save literally hundreds on computers, DVD players, etc.

·       Keep track of the cost of items you buy a lot and get them at the cheapest store, like cleaning supplies at Family Dollar, pet food at Wal-Mart, etc.

·       Make a conscious effort to combine tasks that require driving some place, so you will get the most out of your mileage.

·       For your friends and family who do not feel slighted by this, send e-mail cards for holidays, birthdays and as thank you cards. In addition, e-mail family and friends who live far away, instead of calling long distance.

·       Get rid of your monthly fee long distance service, and just use an access code when you do call, which is infrequently anyway and inexpensive.

·       Decide which satellite channels you could do without, and give up a few shows you really like. You can save more than $20.00 on your monthly bill.

·       When you buy vegetables, fruits and bread at the grocery store check the reduced-for-quick-sale carts and shelves first.

·       Change the oil in your vehicles yourself.

·       Save money when buying clothes for the following year at the end of the season  during the off season. You can get great mark down prices.

·       Each evening take the spare change from your pockets or periodically clean out your purse and toss the coins aside. Never take any money back until the end of the year. Then take all of the coins to the bank and exchange them for cash. You’ll be surprised to find out they’ve added up to $50, $100 or even $200.

·       “Take care of your cents, and then your dollars will take care of themselves.”

·       Bike to work in good weather instead of driving to save on gas.

·       Eat a few hearty vegetarian meals each week.

·       Shop garage sales for a great source of household items, books, clothing, and furniture.

·       Don’t buy bottled water! Buy a good water-filter and drink tap water.

·       By the end of each day put all of your change into an empty coffee can. Then roll coins as you watch TV or listen to the radio. This will add up to hundreds of dollars very quickly and gives you something good to do with your hands to relax.

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