Thursday, December 8, 2016


Moments worth celebrating in a career of teaching. 

A new teacher had a student come up to her at recess and said to her, I hope I am in your classroom. A moment at the start of a (hopefully) long and rewarding hcareer

A  retired teacher was having breakfast with his wife at an I hop and a former student of his, from about 25 years ago, stopped and talked to him. The student remembered the teacher and talked about how the teacher had made the math class interesting and fun. A moment after a 40 year career.

They talked for about ten minutes and the former student left, with his family. As the former student was leaving he came back to his ex teachers table and dropped an envelope on the table and said thank you again, and he left. The retired teacher opened the envelop and there was a gift certificate for $30.00, enough to pay for his and his wife's breakfast.

As a former teacher, I know that we as teachers touch lives. We make a difference to all we come in contact with over our careers. To all my teacher friends who are hanging in till the first big holiday, you too will have your moments. Cherish them and keep on touching and changing lives.

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