Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Think about living, just think about life

I have noticed that when I am out with my buddies a great more conversation, than I think all of us want is focused on the aches and pains of growing older. 

My suggestion is that when we are given the choice, we should think about smiles rather than frowns, laughter rather than crying, health rather than sickness, gains rather than losses, and income rather than expenses.

After all, we are all anxious to know how tomorrow's going to turn out, and so we should focus on the positive!

To remind us to think about the living is a verse from the old Bob Luman song "Let's think about living" and a link to the song

Let's think about living
Let's think about loving
Let's think about the whoopin'
and hoppin and boppin'
and the lovie, lovie dovin'
Let's forget about the whinin' and the cryin'
And the shooting and the dying
And the fellow with a switchblade knife
Let's think about living

Let's think about life

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