Sunday, January 1, 2017


Incremental Changes

Incremental changes are generally improvements to yourself that go along your natural performance characteristics. A faster walk, more sleep, more focus, etc. that can all be classified as incremental changes. There´s seemingly a tacit assumption that incremental changes, are not where the "real" changes  are.

Radical Changes

Radical changes are new ways of doing things, that are substantially different than the old ways things were done. A new memory, taking on a    personality or a new way of looking at the world, becoming more or less religious, etc. might all be classified as radical changes. Many people talk about radical changes as though they are the (unspoken) goal of change.

Sustaining Changes

Sustaining changes can be either incremental OR radical changes. This is an important point; if a change can be either of the two, it cannot be synonymous with incremental change. Sustaining changes are improvements that improve performance along predetermined measures of performance.

Disruptive Changes

Disruptive changes, however, typically address issues that many of your close friends and family do not currently value.

Why It Matters

Understanding the differences between incremental, radical, sustaining, and disruptive changes has useful applications.

If you want to bring about change in yourself or in others, the differences between the terms can also be used to plan how to approach others who can help you change. Knowing the difference can also guide what you ask for to make the project a success. 

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