Thursday, January 26, 2017

The speed of life

Our lives move so quickly that we sometimes forget what the real speed of life is.

Life moves deceptively quickly. Watch a sunrise. The sky gradually gets lighter and lighter, yet you wait and wait for the sun to peek above the horizon. Then you blink and it's already cleared the horizon and jumped up into the sky. It's easy to forget that the earth is spinning at around 1,600 km/hr (1,000 miles/hr).

Now I don't usually get up early enough to watch the sunrise, so I look for other things to remind me of the speed of life. 

If you sit and observe it, a garden seems to be completely static. But in reality, the growth is constant and deceptively quick.

It's the same with choosing the life you want. When you plant the seeds of conscious choice, it seems like nothing is happening. But their growth is constant and deceptively quick. And completely invisible if you just sit and wait.

So plant the garden of your life. Weed it and water it and let nature do its thing. You'll have a bountiful harvest before you know it.

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