Sunday, January 22, 2017

We hold faith (revisited)

Changing a few words changes the meaning and direction and message we want our readers to hear. Words have power and force that go beyond the writer. A few days ago, I wrote that we hold faith and I looked at death. Yet by changing and deleting a few words in the post to look at birth, we hold faith, has a changed perspective.

For a mother or a father of a newborn life becomes a storehouse of anticipated dreams, of unanswered questions, of yet to be filled dreams and desires, of unanswered questions both welcomed and rewarding, self-love and self sacrifice.

When someone is born, their life becomes an unfinished biography, a book with a plot that hangs in the air, an ever-expanding half-finished dream. Life hides bundles of truths to be discovered, of joys yet to be felt, love turned outside in. The birth of a child, uplifts us from nothing, gives us back joyful memories that were suspended in our past. These memories can heal the soul, lift the heart, reveal the truth or justify the intentions of our imagination.

When a birth occurs, life begins to mean so much, Death seems a million miles away and unwanted. Life and living for the child become both the question and the answer, the problem and the solution. A new life becomes the beginning.

We talk about the future when a birth happens. We listen to our ministers preach convincingly about life because we know they have experienced it themselves. We seek out those who are more knowledgeable about life than us and have experienced it at first hand. We hold faith that there is a better life for the new. Some of us hold faith with religion and others who we believe will show us a better way for the new one with us. 

There is love, hope, and joy in a birth. We celebrate with the parents, the family and friends, we rejoice in the hope that the child will have a better life and will not make the same mistakes we made.  We call on our gods to show the way for the child to be a good person. 

Celebrate your life and all new life by being the best you can be.

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