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More Resources for Seniors

The information listed here is for seniors in BC but if you do a Google Search with your location in the search, you may find your community, state or province has similar services

Information here was taken from Office of the BC Seniors Advocate website at:  

The Office of the Seniors Advocate monitors and analyzes seniors’ services and issues in BC, and makes recommendations to government and service providers to address systemic issues. The OSA was established in 2014 and is the first office of its kind in Canada. Isobel Mackenzie, the BC Seniors Advocate, has over 20 years’ experience working with seniors in home care, licensed care, community services and volunteer services.

Health Care: Resources for Seniors
There are three main provincial websites detailing programs and services for seniors’ health care.
View the B.C. Health website to learn more about:
§  Financial assistance for Medical Services Plan coverage
§  Financial assistance with the cost of prescription drugs and medical supplies through Fair PharmaCare
§  Accessing health care services including assisted living, residential care, and home & community care.

View the Seniors’ Health website to learn more about:
§  Specific health concerns such as cataracts, dementia and heart disease
§  Advanced care planning
§  Emergency preparedness

View the Planning for Healthy Aging website to learn more about:
§  Healthy lifestyle choices
§  Protection from elder abuse and neglect
§  Lifelong learning and community participation

Housing: Resources for Seniors
There are two main sources of information on provincial government housing programs and services for seniors.
§  Home Improvement Assistance Programs
§  Rental and affordable housing
§  Supportive housing
§  Home Adaptations For Independence
§  Shelter Aid for Elderly Renters (SAFER)
§  Assisted living
§  Seniors’ supportive, rental and subsidized housing
Income Supports: Resources for Seniors
Both the federal and provincial governments have income support programs for seniors. The federal government runs the Canada Pension Plan, Old Age Security and Guaranteed Income Supplement programs.

View the Government of Canada’s seniors’ website for information on:
§  The Canada Pension Plan
§  Old Age Security
§  Guaranteed Income Supplement
The provincial government runs programs for low-income seniors to access medical services and supplies, transportation and housing. It also contains legal information on protecting yourself and finances.

View the Province of B.C.’s website to learn more about:
§  MSP and Fair PharmaCare programs for low-income seniors
§  Subsidies for housing and transportation
§  Legal information on protecting yourself and your finances

Personal Supports: Resources for Seniors
Personal supports help seniors live as independently as possible. These supports are complimentary to the medical services provided by Home & Community Care programs in B.C.
There are three key websites with information about personal supports:
§  Visit the B.C. Personal Supports website for services and programs to assist people with disabilities, including mobility, hearing and communication challenges.
§  Visit the Better at Home website to learn more about the services that might be offered in your community, including housekeeping, home maintenance and repairs, and friendly visiting.
§  Visit the BC211 website, or dial 2-1-1, to find community, social or government services in your area.

Transportation: Resources for Seniors
§  Driving your own vehicle, carpooling and car-sharing
§  Public transit, including HandyDART
§  Taxis
§  Walking and cycling
§  Ferries
§  Volunteer driver programs
§  Medical travel assistance

The Seniors Transportation Access and Resources (STAR) website also has useful information for seniors and their families. Click here to visit the STAR website.

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