Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Why retirement may be bad for you

The blog  A Satisfying Retirement recently posted about Why Retirement may be bad for you. As part of the post he said, "In its traditional sense, retirement may be bad for you. If so, don't do it. Design your own satisfying retirement journey. Go where there is no path. Instead, leave a new trail, one cut by you."

This is good advice, Boomers are changing the way they see retirement, and this will change how society sees retirement. But change is scary for many of us, take a look at the US election, where change is being fought tooth and nail.
Conservative values are being touted as the values that will bring order and good governance, while Progressive values are seen as bringing corruption and bad governance. In our own life as we get older we tend to become more  conservative  in our outlook, we misremember earlier times with nostalgia and fondness. The reality of growing up in the 50's and 60's was far different than many remember. What does this have to do with retirement and making your own journey, you may wonder.

If we face the future with the optimism of our youth, and return to the belief that we can change the world, with a little help from our friends, we will find out own path. Focus not on the negatives that surround us, focus on the positives and the good things in your life. As we each face the future and make changes that allow us to see life in a positive and uplifting way life will be good.

It is not easy to find a new path or cut a new path but it can be done with perseverance and hard work. To help on this journey here is a blog post that lists the 50 best Positive quotes about ageing: 

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