Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Be Prepared for Your Death

When babies are born, their families rejoice and are quite overjoyed. Their parents are always there to guide them and attend to their needs. As they grow old, they are capable of doing things on their own, and some of them even choose to leave their homes for greener pastures. When they finally find a good job, they can take care of all their expenses.

Life is full of surprises, and it is very much unpredictable. Many people die every day; are you prepared for it? You can't say that you'll die at this age because who knows, after an hour or a second you may die.

As babies are born in this world, they come with a cost. Their parents have to pay for their hospital bills and other medications. And when people finally rest in peace, their families will still have to spend money for their funeral. 

When a person dies, his or her family is sad because they lost a loved one. And sometimes, the burden is even more felt if they don't have enough money to spend for the funeral. This is one reason why a person should be prepared for death.

Although a lot of people are scared by the thought of death, you shouldn't be that way. You should be prepared and start living a good life for other people to remember you. Baby boomers should start preparing for this event because for the next years to come, for they will be the ones to face this reality.

The years 1946 to 1964 were also the years of increased births. During these years, baby boomers were born. The US government is expecting the death rate to increase between the current years and will continue until 2035. It can reach as high as 3.5 million annually, an increase of about 50% of the death rate in the US alone.

As baby boomers reach their timeline, they are about to face the final fact of life. All living things must end, and man is no exception. Because of the new technology in the medical profession, many baby boomers' lives were extended or postponed. But now, it's inevitable.

Perhaps, families of baby boomers are not yet ready. Even the entire population may not be ready to face massive deaths of baby boomers. Not one is interested, but their lives are slipping through even if they don't want it that way.

Seldom can you find couples talking about death? In fact, statistics have shown that many people don't have the courage to speak about their death. They find it hard to discuss matters about death on a more personal level. But death is an occurrence that all people must face and deal with.

The family of the baby boomers should be prepared to make the final arrangements. And this has nothing to do with hotel reservations. The final arrangements pertain to the funeral, cremation or cemetery burial of their loved ones.

Baby boomers probably know that by now, and they are preparing for their final trip. They came into the world and their generation was highly noted in history because of their large number. And now, they will again make a history, only now, they would be parting this world.

Most Boomers want to be prepared. Typical examples are insurance plans and educational plans. Final arrangements are now widely acceptable in the society. In fact, there are those who plan for their burial.

You have to overcome your fear. And baby boomers are quite known to be strong individuals. So there is no need to be scared now that you're in the last stages of your battle in life.   
If you've made your final arrangements, then you're family and loved ones will not have many problems during the funeral. They will be able to spend the remaining hours by your side until you're finally taken to your final destination. 

When baby boomers were still in their youth, they didn't want to grow old. Funny right, but guess what, a lot of the baby boomers are now ageing. And now that they're old, they can't do anything about it. The last thing they can do is to prepare for the coming of death.    

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