Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Chunk what we learn

We learn faster if we chunk what we have to learn, I was told the other day. I dance but not well, so I was told that if I wanted to learn to dance, I should chunk the dance moves. Learn the first eight steps, then the next eight, and then finally put them together and you will have learned the dance. Easy to say hard to do. So, if you go first and reach for the fruit; I'll shake the tree.  We will do a little dance; I'll add some music.

I think it might be the same as we move toward our dreams. Try chunking the steps you make, first move in the direction of your dreams, even though at first nothing seems to happen;  as we move the stars will align we will connect the dots, trim the hedge, move some mountains, float the boat, and see you at the ball. Where we will dance to your dreams

I love the world as a metaphor and metaphorically speaking you can dance at the ball, even as you build your dreams one chunk at a time.

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