Friday, April 28, 2017

Year books

Yearbooks bring back memories, a member of my FaceBook community, who I thought I only knew through a third friend, posted a picture of himself from his time at Simon Fraser University. We had been at the university at the same time. As soon as I saw his picture, I recognised it from the 1966-67 yearbook. I then realised that I knew him because of the activities we both had been involved in at the university. 

A few weeks later I had a Message from a person that I went to Elementary School with who had seen me at our high school reunion and although we did not have a chance to talk, reminded me via FaceBook of some of the good times we had when we were very much younger.

On another occasion I went to lunch with a few people I had worked with as a beginning teacher, some I had not seen in about 10 years. One of the people in attendance was the person who hired me, and who I had not seen since 1975. Neither one of us recognised the other. I had changed as he had. He looked good for 90 and as we talked, he spoke fondly of his time at the school and in the district. He was enjoying retirement and was looking forward to his next trip. He also brought his yearbooks from his time at the school, and everyone at the table was enjoying looking back. I found my picture and showed it to him and he laughed and said, I would never have recognised you.

I wonder how many use posts and groups on FaceBook or their yearbooks and from high school or university to bring back or sharpen our memories. I know that from time to time I do, and I enjoy the experience of remembering. 

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