Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Ashton Applewhite  a well-known activist and writer recently spoke at an Institute for Ageing event, on Ageism, here is a bit of what she had to say:

There are a lot of reasons to be an activist these days; it can seem like battling ageism is just something else on the list of things to fight. But Ashton said that today’s rising consciousness is actually the best time to organise. People are riled up against prejudice and bigotry like no other moment in the last 50 years. This isn’t the time to deal with one later; it’s the time to take on everything.
So, what can one do? In her discussion, she talked about ways to be an anti-ageism activist, including:

  • Promote consciousness: When talking with acquaintances and community members, promote the idea that ageing is a “dynamic, interesting, and unchartered territory.” It isn’t something to be feared. These are interpersonal conversations you can have, which make a difference. Changing individual minds is a great place to start. You can do this online, as well, by sending out uplifting and accurate messages.
  • Organise education seminars: Participants were encouraged to get out and host classes, meetings, and more. Whether at homes for small groups or gymnasiums with the neighbourhood, these are ways to raise more awareness of the issue.
  • Train the trainers: This is activism 101. Make sure that people in your circles go out and educate and organise more people. Teach them the issues, so that they can teach others. Intersect with other activists, and see how your missions can work together (for example, older members of the LGBTQ members [link to LGBT Laws article] tend to be worse off than their counterparts, and the same goes for older minorities). As Benjamin Franklin said, hang together, or we’ll hang separately.

  • Stay involved: Challenge Assumptions on Aging, Every Day Stay focused, stay organised, and stay involved. Activist groups are always looking for people to join.

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