Monday, May 1, 2017

What can you do to celebrate Canada's 150th Birthday?

Community-driven projects form the basis for the celebrations of Canada’s 150th anniversary of Confederation.
Communities all across the country will have the chance to highlight regional talent and expertise, as well as the various facets of Canada’s diversity. Projects will include festivals, youth exchanges and forums, cultural projects and works of art.
Join the celebration, it’s happening in your community too! 
Here is a Webpage with community celebrations from each province:
Pan-Canadian Signature projects are large-scale, participation-oriented activities, of national scope and with high impact. These projects will bring Canadians together to celebrate, participate in events and share experiences. 
Here is a page with a link to these projects
Here are a few projects that I found interesting:
Through Creative Interventions, the 150 Years Young campaign will acknowledge and highlight millennials’ diverse contributions and mobilize their potential. Photos and Stories will be collected to illustrate how millennials make a difference then will be posted online and projected on buildings in 5 different cities as part of Street Talks events.
The “Edges of Canada sesquicentennial tour” represents the most ambitious undertaking in National Youth Orchestra’s 57-year history. Travelling to top venues in 12 cities coast-to-coast-to-coast, the Orchestra will perform, some of the most complex and beautiful classical music repertoire to be heard anywhere in Canada, if not the world. This year, they will add not only a massive expansion in reach but also a massive expansion in the extent of their collaborations and artistic scope.
The special sesquicentennial tour will also see the Orchestra perform specially commissioned new works by Canadian composers, a collaboration in selected cities with the National Youth Choir, and also the performance of a very special original multi-arts component, which will be created by leading Indigenous artists from every part of Canada
Five of Canada’s leading science organisations have combined forces to create Innovation150, a nationwide program designed to celebrate our country’s innovative past, present and future, igniting the spark for future discoveries in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), and paving the way for the innovators of tomorrow.
Innovation150 is a year-long program featuring a national science tour, a hands-on make space, innovation festivals, a quantum exhibition, educational materials for kids, and a collaborative digital innovation storybook.

The Lost Stories Project seeks out little-known stories about the Canadian past from across the country which will be brought to light and transformed into public works of art. This process is documented through a series of short films. Watch as we embark on a creative journey into our history.
How can I get involved?
Are there little-known stories that you think are worth telling, and that are connected to a particular location where a marker could be constructed? If so, write: or share through Facebook or Twitter.

The Red Couch Tour is calling all Canadians to have a seat and share their story! To celebrate Canada’s 150th Anniversary, the Red Couch is travelling cross-country to hear from Canadians on what Canada means to them.
The Northern tour kicked-off of on March 1st in Iqaluit, and continues for an 8-week national tour in June and July from Newfoundland and Labrador to British Columbia, with many stops along the way including small towns and major urban centers. Follow the journey online and watch for a tour stop in your community!

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