Monday, July 3, 2017

Happy July 4th to my American Friends

The Travel and Leisure website has a list of the top towns to celebrate this holiday The high-ranking towns for July 4th tended to score well in founding-father-friendly categories like charming main streets, parades, and feeling patriotic.
While most offer festivities like watermelon-eating contests, dog parades, or fireworks, other winners just exude enough star-spangled pomp to feel like a trip back in time. In Lambertville, NJ, or New Hope, PA, you can walk the same streets where Washington’s army marched, or eat pizza at the same corner where his troops once camped for the night.
The winning town of Flagstaff, AZ, can't claim any direct ties to 1776, but, like Boulder, makes up for that with more than enough fanfare.
For a complete list of America's Favourite cities as voted by the folks who visit Travel and go to:

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