Monday, July 23, 2018


I have talked a lot about all the benefits of exercise but exercise is hard, hard to do, hard to find the time or place. Because it is hard, many of us don't do any or enough to make a difference. Let's examine happens to you if you DON’T exercise.
Did you know being sluggish or lazy sets off a negative chain reaction that may be impossible to halt before you die? At least until you reverse your habits. 
 If you do not exercise the prognosis is pretty grim so you might want to be sitting down as you read this. On second thought, how about standing? Then you’ll be one step closer to some positive movement and help reverse some of the nasty detriments to your health and longevity that inactivity and lack of exercise causes.
Which came first being sedentary or the weight gain. I think it is being sedentary. As you become more sedentary, you start to gain weight, and because you are gaining weight, you become more sedentary. That combination leads to even more unwanted pounds until you are obese.
I don't want to imply that every inactive person gets fat. But, I will. In my opinion, you can be fat without being overweight. What I mean is that you have undeveloped muscles and a high proportion of fat while still maintaining a normal weight.
The next step after you chose a sedentary lifestyle results in a weakened cardiovascular system. A weakened cardiovascular system is dangerous to your health. As you try to carry on normal activity with a weakened cardiovascular system you may cause harm to your heart. Next to follow could be heart disease. Did you know about half of the first heart attacks are fatal? In other words, your first symptom of heart disease could be death.
And of course, heart disease remains as our number one killer.
And if you continue to be inactive it may get worse.
Inactivity leads to muscle wasting (sarcopenia), and 7,000 people a DAY die from sarcopenia and its related conditions. One of the most important changes related to ageing is the loss of muscle mass and muscle strength. Older adults lose approximately 1% of muscle mass and 3% of muscle strength each year. Sarcopenia is recognized as a geriatric syndrome characterized by critically low levels of muscle mass and muscle strength or muscle performance that predisposes individuals to adverse health outcomes Sarcopenia, if you live long enough, usually lands you in a nursing home where the quality of life plummets.
Closely related, and a direct condition of inactivity is bone density loss. And this chain reaction leads to organ failures, a horrible quality of life, protracted sickness and suffering and life-destroying medical costs… followed by premature death.
The good news is, all this can be avoided – and even reversed by something as simple and inexpensive as exercise.
You don’t have to be an Ironman athlete to stay healthy. In fact, that extreme might in itself be life-shortening. Even something as easy as regular brisk walking and riding a bike, climbing a few flights of stairs instead of taking an elevator, yoga, and lifting and carrying packages instead of carting them around or having someone carry them for you can let you dodge absolute misery.
Better, of course, is at least moderate weight training and/or callisthenics.
Your brisk walking and bicycle riding can take care of your cardio training, but I suggest something a bit more aggressive if you can.
Weight-bearing exercise, a demand on your muscles and regular aerobic exercise can set off a positive chain reaction for you. A lean tight body which strengthens your muscles, bones, and all your organs, way less sickness and suffering, a longer healthier life as well as saving a fortune in medical bill

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