Friday, July 6, 2018

Project Poem

Robert Lee Brewer has a poetry page and every Wednesday he posts a Wednesday Poetry Prompt! On May 3rd his prompt was to write a project poem. He said, “there are so many possible projects: write a book; plant a garden; train for a marathon; build a life-size Godzilla out of ice cream and toppings (and then, eat it!). I mean, this prompt projects a lot of possibilities.” He also posted his Project Poem, building a Patio. My poem is "the Fence" right below Mr. Brewers poem
the patio”
it took an entire weekend
to dig up the earth & smooth
out the base & place the stones
that weren’t exactly perfectly
level but the three-person
swing held an entire
four-person family
late into Sunday
The Fence
Tearing down was easy, the lumber flew
The posts snapped to attention then fell on cue
Within minutes space occupied where there was a wall
They watched enthralled
As we moved the timber to the truck
And out of sight, soon with any luck
The first post hole soon was dug, the cement poured
Section one completed once we nailed in the boards
Within two hours the fence was completed
Drinking our lemonade we were not feeling cheated.

What project do you have that could be turned into a poem?

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  1. Gosh, now there’s a challenge (for when the project itself is just not enough)!