Saturday, April 24, 2010

Being a grand father

My daughter told us that she was pregnant and I am very happy about the news, but I got to thinking about what this means. My daughter lives in Australia and holds duel citizenship. Over the past ten years she has come home on a fairly regular bases, but this is about to change. I will have to rethink my plans for next year. I know that many of my generations have teenage grand kids but this is new territory for me and my wife. I am not sure if being a grandfather makes me a senior or do I still qualify for being a boomer. I am not yet ready call myself a senior although I suspect that younger people would think I qualify.

I went down to the US for a conference on Thursday night and arrived at the border around 3:45, and spend the next hour and 15 minutes waiting to cross the line. The problem was not in the lineup the problem was that my car or I set off a radioactive warning devious. I thought it was strange, and when I arrived in the line there were about 20 people all with the same issues. I think the computer calibration of the sensors was out of whack but the guards were very busy filling out the forms and asking the questions. Near the end of the hour one of the guards realized that all of us were there for the same reason. I heard him mention this to another guard, but neither had the authority to do anything except continue to process the people. I lost count of the number of times the guards scanned the crowd with the Geiger counter and then walked out to the cars and scanned the cars. Computer glitches happen, many of the younger crowd were angry at the delay. I kept thinking I am missing driving through Seattle in rush hour traffic. I also enjoyed the idea that I was suspected of setting the world on fire again even if the reason was a computer glitch.

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