Monday, April 26, 2010

Getting in shape

I am on the Board of Directors of SHARE Family & Community Services and a part of a fund raising campaign I am trying to get into shape by participating in a provincial program called Fantasy Fitness Vancouver 2010, which is a great program. They provide daily emails for motivation, and a great web page where I can track my progress. As part of this program SHARE staff and the Board have formed teams that can gain points as an incentive  and we are also competing with Nurses, Firefighters and Police to see which team can raise the most money and win the contest by being in better shape by the end of the 90 days. So I went to one of the first events to gain points, which was an fitness circuit at the gym. I, like many of my age group had not participated in a regular fitness regime except to walk and play golf (0nce a week in the summer) for over 25 years. I thought I was in not bad shape but I evidently am not. I was able to finish about 36 minutes of the hour, and the owner of the gym said to me he thought that was pretty good as the workout was really for people who were in good shape. (I wish I had known that before I went :-). Before the next scheduled workout I received an email along with all of the other participants. The fourth line was " Circuit Classes can cater to a variety of fitness levels but to take part you need to be capable of 60 minutes of exercise". As I was the only one who had not completed 60 minutes I got the hint. As a boomer I can still take a hint, so I am working on other ways to get in shape and my goal is to get to a point where I could finish 60 minutes of vigorous exercise, now I can complete 60 minutes of light to moderate.

As a boomer I have slowed down, but I am not stopping.

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