Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Moving on part two

I have been at my new position for two days; interesting two days, a few items to deal with, which were not out of the ordinary so the work remains the same although  the location is different. I think you can get the measure of a place by the attitude toward the new person in the staff room. I was, of course, greeted warmly by everyone, but after that the conversation between members at the tables continued and I was basically ignored. One person took the time to try to engage in conversation and the effort was accepted. I may have been too tired to engage as I was going in for blood tests in the afternoon and was fasting and had been for 17 hours at the time lunch rolled around. The low blood sugar and my headache made me enjoy the fact I was being politely ignored.

I suspect that there has been a fair bit of team building with the group here, they are dealing everyday  with students who are on their last chance and the team although welcoming of new may be waiting to see if I can deliver and work with these types of students. They are also a young group and may be wondering what a gray haired older person has to offer. Little do they know :-0

Group dynamics is an interesting thing to observe when you are new, I like to watch the reactions of the group before committing myself to any one particular side or anothe and I am sensing in this new environment, that there are two or maybe three distinct groups  that have formed over time here. I have not yet been accepted by any  of them and do not think that will happen before I have to leave.

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