Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hail, Rain, and wind

I love these days, the wind is blowing the clouds away, the sun is shining but not warm. Suddenly everyone is running as hail comes out of nowhere. The hail turns to heavy rain, then the wind picks up again and just as suddenly as they appeared the rain, hail and clouds are gone. Spring on the west coast, energy flowing, life is good on the west coast. I read a wonderful post on one of the blogs I follow The Legislature Raids which is partly quoted below for the full post check out the blog:

The perfect explanation from an unexpected source: why we stand up for British Columbia

BC Mary comment: This is the best-ever explanation of what drives so many of us to protect one thing after another ... BC Rail ... BC Hydro ... BC rivers ... and so many issues that create the beautiful province we once knew. We owe great appreciation to Alexandra Morton who stuck to her one issue and has explained it so well, all along, but never so broadly as today's message ... "

My hope is that the Boomers will remember that we have to set the example and be the first to stand up and be counted.

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