Sunday, May 2, 2010

Thoughts on the environment

Today on my thought for the day  from my  Buddhist readings I read:

It is our earth, not yours or mine or his. We are meant to live on it, helping each other, not destroying each other. - J. Krishnamurti...

As I read the stories of the disaster that is shaping up in the Gulf I think these words have some meaning, I know there will be quick to lay blame and take up the rally that the people responsible should be punished. There will be time for authorities to investigate latter now is the time for people to help.

In BC the government of the day appears to be at least thinking of allowing oil rigs off the North Coast, and perhaps this is a wake up call to them to not move in that directions. In BC there appears to have been an abandonment of the principles of environmental stewardship by both the Federal and the Provincial governments. We have fish farming that appears to write checks to support the government in power so they can ignore the science and destroy our wild fisheries. We have companies who support the government apparently being given free reign in the run of rivers hydro projects that are destroying local rivers and wild live to sell power to our southern neighbours. We have Can West Global Media that controls the Major newspapers in BC and most of the local papers as well as one of the three major TV stations that does not appear to report anything that is anti-government so the majority of the public in BC are not aware of many of the major issues. The Blogs that I read and recommend to you are helping to set the record straight, but I am not a political blogger, I will leave that to the passionate people who I have linked to here.  Boomers took on challenges and fought hard to build a more compassionate society. Over time we became complacent and focused on the task of consuming not caring about others. As our society goes through the normal economic cycles of boom and bust, we are becoming more fearful and as we do we forget what we, at one time stood for. I am hopeful that the boomers will start to reconsider their consumption and start to reconnect to the values we held true in our youth. When we do, look out, we will come back with a roar:-)

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