Thursday, June 10, 2010

Think about butting out

Life should have more meaning, but there are always something holding you back, and you find it difficult to break through the obstacles as they are stacked against you. Compile a list of some of the important changes you'd like make in your life and  and then list the reason you are not making these changes.

For example: I'd like to spend more time with my family, but I am too (fill in your own but or check off one of these:)
__ tired
__travel to much for work
__have too much work after hours.
__list your but here:

I'd like to eat better, but I'm ......
I'd like to read more, but I .....

Now go back to each item and replace the word but with the word and. Then add the following phrase and fill it out So I need to......

I'd like to spend more time with my family, and I travel a lot for my job. So I need to ....
I'd like to eat better, and I'm surrounded at work by sugary snacks. So I need to ....
I'd like to read more, and I rarely have time when I can sit down with a book. So I need to ....
Exchanging and for but moves you to a different mind set, my wife (an English teacher would say)" it's grammar's way of saying, "deal with this."

Take a Sabbath to help you find a way from but to and

Select one day a week and stop working; don't answer your email, ignore your voice mail, turn off your phone, use the day for rest, peace, reflection and a time to find or re find the balance missing from your life.
We sometimes need to take  important punctuation marks in busy lives, religious folks call this the Sabbath, and do this every 7 days. However you can take the day arbitrarily and if used wisely your day can give you the same sense of peace. When you do this you have to work hard to ignore those who will say to you, you are just using a day to be lazy and not do anything. Tell them they are incorrect, you are actually helping your mind refresh, renew and you are searching to find a way from but to and

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