Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Types of change

I was thinking about changes as I wrestled with a problem a while back and realized that I had to make a decision between two types of change offered to me. The first was an incremental change that would cause a small shift in process and procedures, but would not cause any radical shift to occur. The change although small would however, take the group I was making the decision for in a different direction but this would be done over time. Slow change is comfortable, easy to get used to and not a shock to the mind or body and easy to handle especially in these unsettled times. The other change was a more dramatic shift, dealing with unknowns and would cause the group to change more quickly. This type of change is unsettling, can be dramatic and is unsettling. When I was younger there would have been no hesitation on my part, I would have gone for the dramatic change and not even thought too long about it. However, as I mature, (not grow older) I had to think carefully about how my decision would influence and affect others, perhaps I am getting more empathetic as I become wiser :-0, who knows.

The decision was not easy and I spend a great deal of time weighing pros and cons, examining possible consequences, and went through some not sleepless but restless nights. I finally made the same decision I would have made in my youth, and who knows where the path will lead.  I am comfortable in the decision and comfortable with the change that will happen. Success is making wise decisions and part of doing that is relying on good information, time and I still think going with your first instincts. How do you make decisions and are you comfortable with the results of the decisions?

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