Monday, July 12, 2010

Why Right brained people will rule the world one day

The following is from Daniel H. Pink’s book A Whole New Mind; Why right brainers will rule the future.


Buy a small notebook and begin carrying it with you wherever you go. When you see great design, make a note of it. (Example: my $6.95 Hotspot silicone trivet-a thin, flexible square that doubles as a pot holder, triples as a jar opener, and looks cool.) Do the same for flawed design. (Example: the hazard light button in my car, which is so close to the gearshift that I often turn on the hazards when I put the car in PARK.) Before long, you'll be looking at graphics, interiors, environments, and much more with greater acuity. And you'll understand in a deeper way in which design decisions shape our everyday lives. Be sure to include the design of experiences as well-buying a cup of coffee, taking a trip on an airplane, going to an emergency room. If you're not a note-taker, carry around a small digital c or camera cell phone instead and snap photos of good and bad design

Channel Your Annoyance.

1. Choose a household item that annoys you in any way.

2. Go by yourself to a cafe with pen and paper, but without a book and without a newspaper, and, for the duration your cup of coffee, think about improving the poorly signed item.

3. Send the idea/sketch as it is to the manufacturer of your annoying household item.

You never know what might come of it.

The above from Stefan Sagmeister, graphic design impresario. (More information at )

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