Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I heard on the radio the other day that the price of airline tickets and travel would increase as the price of fuel went up. The theory was that people would decrease their travel. I am not sure where we are going with air travel but I suspect it will not decrease. I travelled to Australia in 2006 with my wife and it cost us over $3,800  and we are travelling in 2011 and it cost be less than $2,500. I am travelling at the same time of year, so even if the cost of air travel goes up it  I suspect that it will not go up to the point where people will stop travelling.

I talked about this before but I would highly recommend Flight Centers to everyone who is travelling by air. I found great sites on line and great prices and they matched or beat the price. My wife went down to Australia, and we booked through Sears Travel because we were able to use points to help pay for the flight.

When we went to get travel cancellation insurance Sears quoted $196.00 yet Flight Center for the same coverage quoted $105.00, big difference in price.  Expedia.ca is a great site for finding cheap flights and other deals and I have used them as well. Travel is exciting and we hope to continue to travel over the next few years. .

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