Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Another year older

Tennessee Ernie Ford in the 50's had a great song that I used to listen to on my transistor radio when I delivered papers. 16 tons was a rockabilly song about a depressing subject but it was great to dance and listen to if you did not pay much attention to the lyrics and the message of the song.
Today I am another day older, and I hope that St. Peter Don't call me cause I can't go
I have to much energy to release my soul

As we move into the new year I wish all of you a  great and wonderful year and one that I hope you get your wishes and  what your hearts truly values. As I turn 64 I consider myself and my generation very lucky and still alive and making a difference. What we do as individuals is important to us and to the people around us, stay positive, stay in touch and stay focused on what you think is important in the year 2011.

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