Tuesday, December 7, 2010

If you have your health...

I was working out on Thursday night, and the young man (he was about 35) turned to me and said, "there is no-one here, I had to drag myself to the gym today, I don't know where my energy has gone" I replied and we talked about lack of energy and lack of people at the gym. I had felt the same way and noticed that I was lacking some energy, my son and wife both have come down with very bad colds and are dragging, but so far (touch wood) I am healthy but lacking energy.

I am working hard at keeping my health, since July I have lost over 40 pounds and I continue to walk 6.4 kilometers per day and work out every other day. I saw an old friend the other day who I had not seen for a few months and he asked me, " What is your secret, for losing weigh?", I replied "hard work!" and we laughed. It is hard work and I am at this point stuck about 10 pounds above my goal weight and am struggling with trying to lose the last few pounds. I have been ranging between 203 and 206 for the last three weeks even though I have been following my regime--I sometimes think that I am having a battle of wills between my conscious mind and my unconscious mind, over what I should weigh. I know my conscious mind will win the battle, but I find the stalemate frustrating. However,  I am determined to lose the last ten pounds before I fly to Maui or lose it when I am there.

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