Monday, December 6, 2010

Random Thoughts

A friend of mine and his wife just returned from 10 days in Maui, and since we are going there over the Christmas break, I wanted to find out what to do and what to see. So last week he, I and a few friends went out for supper at a local pub to talk, catch up and just hang out. One of my friends who came is suffering from Alzheimer's. He looked good when he came in, but his first words to me were, "You look vaguely familiar." So I reintroduced myself and talked about when we had worked together and he nodded.

As the evening wore on, I noticed that my friend was in and out of the conversations, and at times looked confused. I am not sure if his confusion was related to the conversations or the company, but I reflected that through all of the discussions he did attempt to stay focused, and we worked hard to include him. At the end of the evening he asked, "Are doing this again next month?" My immediate response as was my other friends was yes and we put someone in charge of making sure that the event would occur.

I am looking forward to the break and going to Maui and we are in the process of planning and getting ideas together, so if there are any ideas of what to do and what to see, please let me know. We are particularly interested in attending a luau in Maui so ideas on this and snorkeling spots would be helpful.

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