Thursday, February 24, 2011

Don't mess with mom

The young man sat in front of his computer staring blankly at the screen, as I walked by. I asked him what he was working on during the block. He immediately volunteered that he was not in the class, but had been sent down by because he and the teacher had a personality clash. I asked what class and he told me; I knew the teacher and understood that there could be some issue for some students. I waited and he continued to elaborate and he talked about the computer program being used  in the class, and pointed out in his mind it was not relevant or used in his career field. I suggested that the teacher was using the program and relying on building skill sets that could be seen as transferable. The young man politely disagreed. I asked him how the problem would be resolved. He said that if he wanted to stay in the class he would have to apologize to the teacher and accept the teachers rules as well he would have to learn the software and complete the projects.

He then said that he was going into a meeting at 1;30 with the counsellors, the admin, and his mom to try and get a resolution for the issue. At 1:30 the student, his mom came in followed by a team of adults--all female. I knew the young man realized what he needed to do and that he was wrong, so I thought it would be a short meeting. I was wrong.  I could see through the window when I walked by the teachers desk, the young man sat and the women talked to him, and they talked at him. From time to time the level of noise rose so that other students in the classroom looked up, I could see from the students expressions they were glad they were not in the room. I could see into the meeting room and as the meeting went on the young man sank further and further into his chair--trying to become invisible.

At 3:00 as I was leaving  the meeting was still not over, but the noise level had changed from rather angry tones, to some laughter. Another young man came in to the classroom and I asked him how I could help. He said he was waiting for his friend who was in a meeting with the counsellors and the admin. I said the meeting was not over. The young man said "full of bravado", that if the meeting was not over by 3:30 he would go in and get his friend and he was not worried about the admin being there. I said, "oh, by the way your friends mother is in the meeting". The young man stopped, thought for a minute and ask me again"his mother is in the meeting?" I said yes. The young man looked at me, thought for a minute and said,"Well, if his Mon's in there I better not get him." I said, :I thought that was a good idea". As I was leaving the young man sat down to wait.

Even young men know not to mess with another friend if you would embarrass him in front of his mother.

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