Friday, April 29, 2011

Ducks, Buddha and golf

As we prepared to leave for the US for our weekly golf trip we talked about our week and Steve told us that he had chased away a Duck, which appeared to be nesting, from the property he was looking after on instructions from the Strata manager. When Steve looked at the nest he discovered 11 eggs. He said after he tried to catch the mother and failed,  he had taken them home and his wife was decided to incubate the eggs and allow them to hatch. He asked us for advice on what to do.

We were all full of suggestions and advice, some bad, some good, some revolved around eating the eggs, raising the ducks for food and contacting Ducks Unlimited for advice. In our conversations our conversation drifted to how different religions would give advice and the ideas of Buddha, and Karma came up and we speculated about what would happen.

As the game went on, whenever we had a bad shot or a bad hole we attributed the event to the bad Karma that we said had engulfed us for talking about eating the soon to be born ducklings. At the 16th hole Steve hit a very high shot and hit a bird, knocking it from the sky. The bird although it was knocked down and a bit stunned, soon flew away, although Steve thought he had injured or killed the bird.

My  comment to Steve was that if he had killed the bird, he had 11 others that were soon to be hatched and he was 10 up on the count.  I hope to find out what Steve and his wife will do with the eggs, I suspect they will allow them to hatch and then he will have to figure out how to raise them, so I expect these stories to occupy  our games for the next few weeks. At least the duck and bird story took my mind off of politics and the Canucks, for a while

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