Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Positive World Radio Network

I came across Positive World Radio Network, Radio for the Intelligent Optimist and read  Allan Holender is the CEO, Executive Producer of the Positive World Radio Network views on Ethics vs the Economy and I liked what I read. I encourage you to read his views and to listen to his station. The following is an excerpt from his post of April 4th

Fear is the strongest motivator  of all and  so is scarcity.  If you live in fear of never having enough money. If you transfer that fear to a slick campaign ad than you've succeeded in creating paranoia.  Don't mess with my ability to get and hold on to money, if you do threaten that I will  do everything I can to fight for that right;  at the polls, in the corporate board rooms, at the Board of Trade, the  private golf and country club, and with back alley deals.

And so as you can see it's an easy  question for Canadians who have everything.  To hell with ethics, this is all about ME.

For those who HAVE NOT,especially low income Seniors who were given an extra $50 a month to live on and told they should appreciate the benevolence of the Lord of the land, the question is a little more puzzling, because they have always respected the law of the land and the order of things.  And yet the government "spits" on them .  Just because they fought in the second world war for their country, paid their taxes dutifully, and were honest citizens, that's not relevant in these times of fake lakes and government jets.  No the reward for the peasant is what it should be according to the order of the ruling class.

One would think we were back in  medieval times.

Mr. Holender your views are shared by many including me thank you for posting them

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